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In addition to the canned pearl oyster that comes with the gift set, you now have the option of adding a second freshwater cultured pearl in the color of your choice. We offer a wide array of pearl colors each with their own meaning. The pearl oyster is sealed in vacuum pack and has a very long shelf life. No need to refrigerate. Crack it open, take out the pearl, insert in pendant and voila. The special thing about a wish pearl is the mystery behind each individual gift set. Break open the oysters to discover your very own beautiful genuine cultured freshwater pearl inside. The canned pearl oysters come in one of 5 surprise colors. Once you have removed the pearl from the oyster, you then insert it into the accompanying rhodium coated pendant. Makes a wonderful gift! Note: Wish Pearl jewelry kits come in a wide variety of pendants both sterling silver and silver plated. Chain as well as gift boxes may vary. If you require a specific type of chain, kindly contact us before ordering. What is rhodium? Rhodium is a rare, durable substance used to coat many different metals such as copper or sterling silver helping to prevent them from tarnishing. It is highly reflective and when applied to other metals used to make jewelry, is what gives it its shine. Love wish pearl pendant jewelry but prefer a longer chain? Now you can choose from four different chain lengths from the drop down menu. The chain length choices are: 18 (45cm), 20 (50cm), 22 (55cm) or 24 (60cm).

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